About Us

Who We Are...


     We believe that in order to understand the value of a very special wedding day, a family portrait and/or an exciting engagement session you must be able to fully understand it and understand the emotions behind each of those moments .

    I'm Jeanette! I'm the CEO and lead photographer of Emma J. Photography,  we capture your very special moments the way we would love ours captured. We totally tear up when the groom holds back tears seeing his gorgeous bride coming down the aisle for the first time. We laugh when a sweet child giggles with their momma. We get heart-eyes when a newly engaged couple glows with love. I mean, honestly, we are right there in that very moment with you and snap those memories for you to have a lifetime over. 

    We are God-fearing and family-oriented. 

   For us, the client experience from the time we say "hey!" in person to the time we say "see you soon!" is our priority. You're our main focus (pun intended) and we will make sure you feel that way.